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All sports require specific interventions for spectacle wearers to allow them to deal with the required activity in the most casual way. Technical glasses and contact lenses perform these needs very well. Our centers are specialized and equipped to solve these problems with all the latest generation instruments.


A long time ago, who suffered from sight defects could not fully enjoy the wonders offered by the submerged planet, but with the help of masks with graduated lenses, the result of technological research, improvement of materials and production technique, all this was surpassed. The production of lenses that meet the most varied needs of sight defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia) have extended their technology also for diving activities. The collaboration between the technicians of our optical centers and the Instructors oand DiveMasters who have proven professionalism and experience, has given the possibility to Occhial House of manufacturing underwater visual aids for the most varied needs. The production of optical masks with standard ready lenses, with mono-block optical lenses, of specific construction, with the assembly of bifocals made to measure lenses, makes it possible to satisfy all the “sub” requests regarding sight defects.

WARNING: It needs to be clarified that the visual examinations and professional services provided by Occhial House s.r.l. and by its collaborators, they are not medical-oculistic activities.