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It is important for us to have a thorough eye exam. With the help of our technicians, who have gained decades of experience in this particular sector, specific training in the optical field and thanks to the most sophisticated and latest generation machinery, we will guide you throughout the purchase process, from customizing the lenses to choosing the coolest and most eye-catching frame.

Myopia (nearsightedness)

The infinite images of a myopic eye will come into focus before the retina, resulting in a blurred vision. This is due either to the conformation of the eye that is too long or to a high refractive power.

Hypermetropia (farsightedness)

It can be considered as the opposite of myopia, therefore images from infinity will come into focus beyond the retina. This is due either to the conformation of the eye that is too short or to a low refractive power.


It is a defect due to the fact that the cornea is not spherical, it will therefore be possible to see images that are not perfect in one position with respect to the other. The ocular structure is similar to a rugby ball rather than a soccer ball.


It is not a refractive error but a physiological defect that occurs to everyone older than 42–45 years. Focusing closely, a function performed by the crystalline lens, is gradually less due to aging.


To ensure efficiency and comfort in the use of your glasses, constant vision control is advisable Our opticians – optometrists will also be at your disposal to detect any changes to the visual defect that have occurred over time.

WARNING: It needs to be clarified that the visual examinations and professional services provided by Occhial House s.r.l. and by its collaborators, they are not medical-oculistic activities.